Full Spectrum oil formula reflects natural molecular composition of hemp flowers and is considered to be the most effective due to entourage effect.

However, in most of cases such products also contain up to 0,2% or more THC (the intoxicating molecule). Therefore, can cause side effects (anxiety, dizziness) and are not legal in countries with zero tolerance of drug traces.

So called "Broad Spectrum" products, meanwhile, are often made by mixing few selected cannabinoid and terpene isolates. Even though legal and safe (THC-free), this formula contains a very limited number of beneficial hemp components.

Our team, while cooperating with a number of European biochemistry specialists and laboratories, has managed to combine benefits of both.

The advanced CO2 chromatography technology allows us to detect and carefully remove 99,9% of THC molecules from naturally extracted Full-Spectrum oil.

Therefore, H Drop extracts contain all beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids found in hemp flowers, except for the intoxicating THC.

P. S.: some high quality producers call "Full Spectrum THC-free" products "Broad Spectrum". However, "Broad Spectrum" is a misleading term, which does not indicate how broad is the composition of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Some producers add only few isolates, earning the right to employ "Broad Spectrum" tag. In order to avoid confusion, we underline that our products are Full Spectrum, except for THC.